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Game Limited Alternate Program (Pay to Play)

  1. The use of the Game Limited Alternate Players will be evaluated by the Board of Directors on an annual basis.    

  2. When authorized by the Board of Directors, Game Limited Alternate Players will be allowed to play on Crusader Youth Hockey (CYH) teams under the following conditions:

    1. Requests for Game Limited Alternate Player status must be submitted in writing by a parent or guardian using the CYH registration process;

    2. Each team may only have a maximum of three (3) Game Limited Alternate Players on the roster, exclusive of goalies.

    3. Players who request Game Limited Alternate status will be evaluated on a case by case basis by members of the Board of Directors for proper team placement. Evaluations may be held during a practice.

    4. Game Limited Alternate determinations shall be approved only after the expiration of all roster appeals

    5. Players whose registration request is approved will be added to the Team roster and will be offered the following consideration:

      1. ​Game Limited Alternate Players will commit to paying a $75 nonrefundable registration fee plus a $175 game retainer to cover season costs.   Payment will follow the same terms and conditions of full-time players;

      2. Game Limited Alternate players will NOT be eligible to attend any Team’s scheduled, player development sessions or practices

      3. Game Limited Alternate Players will be invited to participate in games at the Coach’s discretion with the restrictions set forth below;

        1. Game Limited Alternate Players are permitted to play in games only if a full-time player is absent. Deviations to this requirement must be approved by the Board of Directors;

        2. Game Limited Alternate Players are permitted to play in all tournaments and playoffs if eligible under tournament and league by-laws;

      4. A Game Limited Alternate Player that wishes to play full-time, may do so at any time during the season provided there is room on the roster (less than 13 skaters) and the request is submitted prior to the roster deadline. All requests must be approved by the Board of Directors and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

      5. In the event that an Game Limited Alternate Player moves to full-time status, roster adjustments may be considered per 2.2;

      6. Game Limited Alternate Players that are approved to move to full-time status will be billed for the full dues.

Coordinator at each level will be in charge of tracking and calling/emailing for players.  Coaches will go through the coordinator if players are needed.  Full time alternates would be called first, then Game Limited, then full time players from lower teams.  This would be reset weekly as the full time alternates would be the first ones called from week to week. If full time alternate/game limited player number 1 is called one week, then player 2 would be called next and so on until the list is exhausted.  This would be consistent even if a player called did not play but had the opportunity.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact President, Mike Eagleston, or Vice President, Gino Polcaro at



If you know someone who may be interested in joining Crusaders Youth Hockey as a Game Limited Alternate, please forward this email to them.  Registration is open and can be found on the CYH website – – in the left navigation bar, click on Register Online.  

CYH Board of Directors