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Our Practice is When?

Every year the most common questions asked by the members of the Crusaders Youth Hockey are, "How is the practice schedule determined," and "Why can’t we get more advance notice?"

CYH purchases blocks of ice time from The Groton School and Lawrence Academy. The program is extremely fortunate to have a great relationship with both schools. This strong relationship greatly reduces the traveling necessary for practice sessions and allows the program to purchase prime time hours. The key point is that we purchase a block of ice time. We can not pick and choose individual ice times. We tend to have the same ice times throughout the year and year after year.

The CYH ice coordinator has purchased all of the ice for the program. This includes practices for ALL teams; the Learn To Skate program; District 8 playdown games; the Christmas Tournament; Player Evaluations; and the list goes on.

Early in September the program receives a list of ice times from the Groton School and Lawrence Academy. The ice-coordinator schedules the first few practices while he/she waits for the Valley League Parity Round game schedule to be released. Once this 8-10 week schedule is released he/she can then schedule practices for that time period.  Once the Valley League Regular Season Round One game schedule is released he/she can then schedule for the next 8-10 weeks until the next Valley League game schedule is published. Once the final Valley League game schedule is released he/she can then release the final practice schedule.

Every effort is made to be fair to ALL teams about what time of day your practice falls at.  Every effort is made to be fair around holidays.

Please be understanding. Don't blame the ice scheduler for inconvenient practice times or dates. Please realize every effort is being made to publish practice and game times as quickly as possible. As always if you have any questions or concerns seek out a Board member for clarification.




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