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How YOU Practice Is How YOU Play


Be sure to put as much effort and commitment into each and every practice as you would into each and every game.  The only way to ensure team success is for all team members to attend and give their best efforts in practice.



Player Responsibilities:

  1. Players must check their schedule with their parents and be aware of the week’s schedule.  A responsible player understands the schedule and has all homework and chores complete before each assigned practice or game time.
  2. Players should check all equipment prior to leaving home. It is not your parents’ responsibility to make sure you have everything.
  3. Players should carry his or her own bag - to and from the rink.
  4. Mites should be able to put on his or her own skates. Parents can tie and untie.
  5. Squirts should be able to put on and take off his or her own skates. Parents can tie them.
  6. Pee Wees and up are on their own!
  7. All players should call their coach when they are unable to attend (parents should not make this phone call).
  8. School comes before hockey, but with proper time management this should not be an issue. If it does become an issue "school work trumps - hockey".
  9. Skates should be sharpened once every 4 or 5 times on the ice.
  10. Mouthpieces should be worn.



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